Small rant…

I was on a social media site this morning and a girl posted how she finally told a doctor about her depression. I was so happy for her, until I read the rest of the post. She went to her Gynecologist and told her she gets depressed when on her period only. The GYNECOLOGIST gave her Zoloft to take every day.

One of the biggest things I get upset about is doctors who are not mental health physicians prescribing anti-depressants. If that girl really has a chemical imbalance then there is good chance Zoloft will help her. If it is hormones from her period and she takes that medicine every damn day it can cause suicidal thoughts.

Anti-depressants are for chemical imbalances only. Christopher Titus a comedian has a joke about Zoloft & Prozac causing suicidal thoughts. The joke is anti-depressants that make you want to kill yourselves. No, it’s doctors who aren’t mental health experts hearing their patient is sad and giving them anti-depressants.

A responsible physician would refer them to an expert. These medications are for correcting a imbalance with the chemicals in your brain. If that is not the reason you are sad then it can cause an imbalance. I would say these doctors should know that, but that isn’t the field of medicine they specialize in. Which is my point.

A psychiatrist has the education, experience, and knowledge to know if a person has a chemical imbalance or is just bummed about their sucky life. A person who is JUST sad needs therapy not medicine.

My Mother who has been officially diagnosed with depression by a psychiatrist goes to the PA at her primary care office for her medication. This woman isn’t a mental health expert. She is prescribing my Mom two anti-depressants and Xanax. If you look up the drug interactions with these three you will find they are not supposed to be taken together. It causes depression and memory loss. Which are two things my Mom is suffering with. She can’t figure out why. I have told her this by the way and she won’t listen to me. She thinks if she goes to psychiatrist they will make talk about her problems. She believes you don’t tell people stuff like that.

Please, if you or anyone you know has depression. Or you think maybe Bipolar, schizophrenic ,multiple personality disorder’s please go to a mental health expert. Primary care physicians or your gynecologist can’t give you the help you need. You wouldn’t go to an ENT for breast cancer.

2 thoughts on “Small rant…

  1. While I agree with almost everything you are saying, I also think that responsible doctors know the signs on how to treat common things like depression and anxiety issues. I was diagnosed with Post-partum mood disorders and if my doctor hadn’t been able to step in, I would’ve had to wait weeks, if not months, to have a much needed intervention. That being said, my doctor is very knowledgable and careful when prescribing anything. I think that there needs to be a balance, and yes accountability. A fine line.


    1. You are right it is a fine line. I do believe doctors know the signs of depression. I don’t think they should prescribe medication if that is not their specialty. I’m glad your doctor was able to help you. It’s great you had a doctor looking out for you like that. My primary care doctor diagnosed my depression as well. But she referred me to a psychiatrist. If it is an emergency situation there should not be a wait to get into see a psychiatrist or psychologist. That is protocol. I work at a doctors office and that’s the way it supposed to be. Unfortunately there are some people that that does not work for and that is horrible. And that is unfortunately the system that we have in this country. And that makes me very sad.


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